Failsauce – failed the 88-971

So the post is late and mostly because I didn’t know what I was going to write…  I failed the lab exam on 09/12/2013.  I knew I failed it too because I panicked.  I don’t get really nervous usually, but about 30 minutes before the test I thought I was going to be ill.  I didn’t get sick but I sure felt wrong and did spend a moment in the restroom thinking it was coming.  I then proceeded to work myself up more when I read through the scenarios at the start.  I was drawing a big fat blank and actually considered for a moment or two, turning to the proctor and saying, “Shut her down, I’m done!”.  Had I come this far to give up?

I pulled myself together and had lost probably 15 minutes just thinking what did I get myself into…  I started thinking of the advice online I had read and tried to rank the scenarios in the order I thought I could solve them.  I couldn’t come up with a good order and knew I needed a plan of attack, so I just attacked.  I started with the last question and worked my way up the list backwards.

I started to get some confidence after the first question or two went down in short order and I knew I got them right.  Two more done and I was feeling better about the exam but pressed for time.  I was working through one that I had to give up on halfway through as I let time get away from myself and had to draw the line.  I did a couple of other scenarios I thought I got right but then didn’t.  Not sure what requirement I missed, but I had really felt I got a couple right that I didn’t get credit for.

I went to the happy hour at the local hangout and felt I had a shot at passing, but a long shot.  I wished I hadn’t panicked and put myself in a bad spot.  I know I could pass that exam if I hadn’t been in the “HOLY !%$@#$#” frame of mind…  It didn’t really help that like a week or two before my exam the whole drama of “cancellation of the MCM certification” played out.  What great timing to make you uncertain of even going through with an expensive cert that’s going away anyway.

I’ve gone back over and over what I can recall in my mind and worked though how I would resolve them.  I’ve timed myself doing certain tasks to try to do them quickly to allow me more time to work on the ones that are more difficult.  I will give this another shot near the end of November.  I’m feeling better now that I’m not fretting about what it will be like.  That was the thing about the lab that makes it the lab.  It sure had me all worried and if I wouldn’t have been in that state I could have thought more clearly.

Leave me a comment if you like on the MCM 88-971 lab exam or any other certifications you’ve worked on.


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